Promising a happy delivery every time, Nonabox sends new mums a monthly box of baby products customised just for them.




Motherhood is the greatest journey a woman can take and Nonabox wants to be part of this experience. We connect the highest-quality, most innovative brands in the maternity market with mums, exactly when they need them.

Nonabox delivers direct to its clients’ doors beautiful boxes of luxury, personalised products for mother and baby, suitable for pregnancy and the first two years of a baby’s life.

Filled with hand-selected products from the best brands, each Nonabox is tailored to different stages of a baby’s development and to the moms’ preferences and likes, from mothers in their second trimester and thinking about massage oils and newborn essentials to mothers of one or two year olds that need entertaining and feeding. 

Containing between 7 and 9 products, each Nonabox allows mothers to discover and try new products for them and their babies. And once they have tried them, they can directly buy them at our Online shop. 

We believe in the power of effective online communication and social media as a source of relevant information and also as a purchasing trigger. And we consistently use it to honor our commitment to both mums and brands. 

We offer a package of online campaigns with an offline hook: targeted and quality sample-marketing actions. Our campaigns are tailored entirely according to each brand´s needs, ranging from big multinational corporations to small, local cottage industries.

Since our launch in March 2012, we have helped brands in the childcare and maternity industry to foster their brand awareness and online visibility through our innovative range of marketing services. We are now already operating in Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and the UK.
Organization founded in Spain. ACQUIRED phase.



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