Instant test results from a single blood drop. Conveniently. For everyone.


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Currently, getting blood work done is an arduous procedure involving multiple appointments, large volumes of blood collected through venipuncture, and long wait times for opaque results. Orphidia is aiming to make blood testing easier, faster, more convenient, more accessible, and cheaper, all while empowering users to better understand their health. We are developing a fully-automated portable device to do all common blood tests for cardiac, liver, kidney, and thyroid function together with lipid, electrolyte, hormone, and vitamin levels in 20 minutes from one drop of blood. By moving common blood tests to the point of care and reducing turnaround times from days to minutes, Orphidia's technology will enable earlier diagnosis and treatment, increase patient compliance, facilitate better monitoring, and improve preventive care. We have a proprietary microfluidic chip and accompanying reader device to run these common blood tests, with multiple patents on the technology.

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Fundacion United States · United Kingdom, August/2013

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