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Oximity's mission is to re-engineer the news industry entirely by providing a substantive and significantly improved alternative to traditional news media as a mainstream news provider. We do so by collecting news directly from the source, facilitating curation by readers, and distributing the news content across the internet. We’re at a unique moment in history where we have the opportunity to step back and reevaluate an entire industry. Almost everyone acknowledges that the news industry is having an identity crisis, and many questions are being asked. With the decline of print subscriptions, how will the news industry make money going forward? How will mainstream media compete with digital media? How can mainstream media use digital media or establish dominance in the emerging space? How will the profession of journalism survive in changing revenue models? And there are even more existential questions being asked. Is the news media’s role to provide information or to shape opinion? Can news media ever be completely objective, and get to the truth? What is truth after all; is there even such a thing? We studied developments in the news industry and technology over the last 15 years, and decided to take a step back and ask an entirely different question - If we were to start from scratch today and build our ideal news organization, what would it look like? Without any preconceived roles for journalists, editors, publishers, news agencies, etc., how would you create a reliable news system built entirely for the modern era? The only assumptions we decided to work with were: News consumers are more aware, educated, discriminating and hungry for knowledge than ever before. News consumers want to know objective reality, and have in-depth knowledge. People don’t want to be ‘sold’ news - they want to know what’s actually going on. One size doesn’t fit all - each individual has different news requirements. People need to know what's going on across the world, no matter which language the news is written in. All news occurs in the proximity of people, and many of them are now connected to the internet (and we hope and expect the rest will be connected too, in the coming few years). Since there is so much information, we need a mechanism to highlight what is important and relevant. The general public should be empowered to set the agenda of news, instead of a handful of people who traditionally controlled the means of news production. We’ve been hard at work to build a news platform that respects the reader, uses technology effectively, is customizable for both readers and writers, and allows information to flow across language barriers.

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