PageLr website screenshot service with simple API




With PageLr we want to give you the best and fastest screenshot service ever. 
Want website thumbnails, or full-page screenshots, really fast and reliably? Do you need to rasterize complex SVG vector graphics fast and reliably? PageLr gives you that and more. 

You need to visualize so many web pages as previews or thumbnails that you can't keep up doing it manually.
 Did you maybe try some other screenshot service on the net, and they turned out to be too slow, too unreliable or too cumbersome to use. You need to get screenshots and thumbnails in near real time, because you can't know beforehand what pages you need to show. 

Easy to use

With our simple RESTFul API you get an instant result, and with a straightforward standard web behavior, you issue a Request (GET) and receives a Response (your screenshot). It is so simple so you don’t need any code, you can just use a HTML <img> tag, and specify the SRC attribute with a web address to the PageLr website thumbnail generator. Like this: 

<img src="">
Organization founded in Spain. Since January/2015. SEED phase.



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