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PaperFlies is a flight meta search engine headquarted in Amsterdam. PaperFlies focuses on speed and design, giving the consumer a great experience when booking a flight. Offering an alternative for all the boring flight search websites found on the web. WHO WE ARE Co-founders Bob Stolk and Jens Steenhuis both studied together at the Hotelschool The Hague, a hospitality business school. Being flatmates and working together on several university projects they knew they could work together and started PaperFlies in 2012 with a simple goal: make flight search more enjoyable. WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR We are currently growing very fast in The Netherlands and Belgium and are looking for an investment to scale our business in the Dutch market as well as outside of The Netherlands. OUR TEAM We have a very strong and capable team of four people who have been building PaperFlies from the start (3 years ago). At the moment our daily team exists of around 10 people (including interns). WHY WE'RE DOING THIS PaperFlies was started because co-founders Bob Stolk and Jens Steenhuis were frustrated with the current online offering of flight search engines. Searching for flights was a disaster, so many websites, almost all with a bad user experience and plain ugly. These websites were not made for consumers who are in holiday mode. PaperFlies makes searching for flights a fun activity again, because the holiday fun starts with booking a trip. UPCOMING PROJECTS Launch hotel meta search engine - June 2015 Launch mobile app/website - August 2015

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