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PASSENGER is a newborn child of sharing economy. It is the easiest way for frequent flyers, commuters, and occasional travelers to earn a profit, monetize their extra luggage space or return trip expenses, and gain social value by helping others. PASSENGER.ME is a marketplace and online community for people to list, discover and order goods using the web or a mobile phone and have those goods delivered worldwide, making it easy and natural just as everyone shop online or book a flight every day. Our goal is to build an automated and scalable business model that will connect travellers, those who need extra cash, and those who need assistance shipping goods. The global e-retail market is expected to reach $1 trillion in 2013. Cross-border e-commerce shopping represented 14%
 ($44 billions) of all e-commerce shopping in 2011, 
and it is growing twice as fast as (12-15% annual growth) traditional in-store retail market (Eurostat).

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