First CROWDTESTING platform for mobile games that allows game developers to test with real gamers and get feedbacks to improve their games.



Play4Test is the first crowdtesting platform for mobile games. 
We know that a game developer needs to do lots of testing for his/her game to ensure the game play. But normally it´s quite difficult to find the right tester to set the game testing and you can spend long time on review all the test results. Sure that there are ways to do this like soft launching. However, you went through the risk that you could get low engagement and no one actually “play” your game.
To find a better solution for the problem came out Play4Test. What we do is offering game designers a “sandbox” where they could test their games with real users and get feedbacks to improve these games. Our mission is making the game designer´s life easier by helping them to find the correct playtesters and getting feedbacks in an effortless way.
Organization founded in Spain.



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