Plumlytics - Social Predictive Analysis



Plumlytics is the 1st all-in-one solution for social media management with comprehensive listening and predictive analytics built-in. 

Plumlytics helps you unlock key insights through our proprietary sentiment and intent algorithms so you are able to communicate faster and smarter across social channels that matter.

With Plumlytics, you can zero in on conversations on social media that matter most to your brand at any given moment and in real-time.

We’ve built a suite of features to make it easy for you to listen, publish and engage with your audience.

Unlimited mentions – Limited to 10K mention per search during product beta phase.
Unlimited social profiles 
Sentiment analysis in 9 languages
Language detection in 59 languages
Advocacy analysis
Intent analysis
5 saved queries/user
90 days of saved data
Enterprise-Class Capabilities: Security, Team, Task, Work-Flow and Projects

We tailor our features to your organization’s needs. Also get free 7 days trial
Organization founded in Canada.


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