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Pockey wallets offering handcrafted, Eco friendly, full-grain leather clutches, Wallets and Handbags.

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Pockey Nexta we have mastered the century-old hand-crafting processes to achieve beautiful and desirable leather textures. We combine the best of the classic tanning processes with advanced and modern technologies. Pockey Nexta is defined by constant innovation in its products and it’s continually work to create something extra special for its adopters and fans. All the products that this company creates are made up of a classic process of handcrafted vegetable tanning that make them rare and unique in this modern era. As Pockey Nexta used a hand brush to create the texture of this wallet, thus this manual process adds a human touch providing a sense of reliability and durability. The wallet holds minimalistic size having the benefits of phone, card and note slots. It also includes an additionally removable hand-wrap which makes this wallet easy for women to carry around. Pockey wallets are handcrafted, stylish clutches that fit any event – casual, business or fancy dress. Tag line “Look no further”

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