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An ecosystem for the development of free software, open technologies and technological entrepreneurship

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The Ikaros Project was created to solve some major problems of our time basing its strategy on two pillars: the creation of a community and technological development. Currently, we have students who can prove their knowledge but no work experience from career end projects. Autodidacts who can not prove their new knowledge. Self-employed people and unemployed professionals beyond the vision of a labor market that does not know how to give them ideal jobs for each case. Entrepreneurs who can not access technology to start up their businesses or to make their ideas fly. These different actors in society do not connect optimally when creating or respecting the value of work and ideas. With the advent of new models of collaborative economy and the common good we want to connect to these agents in new ways while always respecting the value of work. The Ikaros Project is developed in several phases: Ikaros TIC Solvers: Online platform to host the community developing projects through crowdsourcing, and doing business if desired. Ikaros Cloud Services: computational infrastructure that will support Ikaros TIC Solvers. Ikaros Seed Campus: collaborative work spaces for the community. Ikaros Maker Garden: Maker factories for community members. Ikaros Open Weekend: Regular events for the promotion of local technology. Ikaros Open Software: Free software solutions for individuals and businesses.

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Fundacion Spain · France, November/2014
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Estado Semilla

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