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A system to empower you with a simple solution that enables you to take immediate action on employee feedback and understand key drivers ...

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PulseTip offers a far more practical solution to the out dated annual climate surveys and e-mail based pulse surveys. Our Solution-as-a-Service system includes hardware, software, and suggestion based analytics to create stimulation rather than exasperation. Here is one scenario, but we offer the flexibility to design it in any way company chooses: 1. The HR manager generates one topic each week, with five daily questions. 2. Each employee uses a generic access card to indicate the daily answer. 3. The HR managers can view aggregated answers in real time. 4. HR can respond immediately and the team members that provided feedback feel empowered. Imagine that a specific event occurs within the company that has everyone buzzing. That becomes the perfect weekly PulseTip rather than some forgotten concern six months in the past. Common sense dictates that there will be far more interest and participation (i.e. engagement) when you develop one topic each week than there will be with the annual monster alternative. Your team is far more likely to discuss that weekly topic and respond.

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