Quuppa is the leader in High Accuracy Indoor Positioning (HAIP) technology. Our technology enables indoor tracking with high precision.


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What’s where? Whatever you want to track, Quuppa brings you the dot on the map. Reliably, in real-time, with sub-meter accuracy. The dot can be a Tag attached to a person or asset. It can also be a smart device, wristband, heart-rate sensor, hockey puck, or any other Bluetooth Low Energy device. There can be as many dots as you like. They can be players, shoppers, patients, personnel, luggage, tools, containers, sensors, MEMS, you name it. Quuppa’s solution is open, versatile, highly customizable, fully scalable and interference-free. It’s easy to set up and manage. It’s a mature and complete product that’s been successfully applied across various industries worldwide, from healthcare and industrial internet to retail, security and sports. What’s happening in there? Quuppa is a gateway between Location Based Services and the Internet of Things. Quuppa’s system uses two-way over-the-air communication between Tags and Locators. This enables real-time control and commanding of the Tags, either locally or remotely. Quuppa’s solution allows for open Tag design and supports rich-in-content data. The Extended API can reveal whatever data your device can record: heart-rate, gyro, compass, magnetometer, barometer, humidity, and much more. The possibilities for Quuppa’s technology are unlimited. Together with it’s worldwide partner network, Quuppa is developing solutions and applications that exceed today’s standards and define tomorrow’s.

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