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Ratagrab was created in June 2016 in buea, Cameroon. Ratagrab is an online broker between restaurants and food consumers in Africa. Since it's creation we are operating Douala and Buea. We have 20 partner restaurants from which we deliver food to our customers. We strive to be the link between restaurants and their customers. Ratagrab enables restaurants acquire new customers and facilitate customer access to their preferred restaurants. To serve this purpose, we have built an online platform where users can Search and Order food online from there electronic devices(smart-phones, tablets and computers). HOW IT WORKS. At Rata-grab we put our users first with usability as a top priority so we have taken the necessary steps to make our product user-friendly. Search: -Users are able to search restaurants within a 1km radius. -Choose preferred restaurant from the search results. Choose: -Select the time you need your food delivered. Delivery information: -Provide details of your current location. Complete. Ratagrab is aimed at providing quality, reliable and affordable food delivery services to its the working man and woman in our society. We want you to forget about going for lunch while you are working. Let us worry about your stomach. With this in mind, we deliver cooked food from local restaurants to your homes and place of work. We want to improve the quality of food consumed by taking the burden of distribution from the restaurants keeping the in-house dinning in place. And at the same time we are helping expand restaurant customer base. We are venturing in to food delivery because we believe with the growing power of the middle class and the growing use of the Internet, E-commence and the use of mobile devices,we can build platforms to improve how and when food is being served. At Ratagrab, we believe that handling your feeding needs while you are at your office helps improve social life and working relationship with superiors. In the nearest future, we want to be be the go to place for any busy persons when it comes to food.

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Fundacion Cameroon, June/2016
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