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OUR MISION Provide quick and easy rent service in which customers can choose the best quality of products rented relying on obtaining the best guarantees, security and the best price in the market. OUR VISION Want to be a point of reference in the sector, a place where the Customers see satisfied their needs, them Rental Companies can increase their sales and where us improve each time more the relationship between both. At rentyn.com we innovate with regard to the process trade in the sector of machinery rental in Spain. We are the first multi-rental online web platform. We innovate in service because the Customer rents a equipment for its features, being able to compare them and be able to choose according to quality/price/transport/availability according to your needs. The equipment specs are only knowns when the Customer receive the product without choose it before. We innovate in the market because it is using the web platform that already operates in other sectors and taking it to this new market traditional in which does not exist.

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Fundacion Spain, February/2016
Estado Startup

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