Cloud orchestration and management system




Sadeem is a SaaS cloud management panel that offers a turnkey solution for small/medium shared hosting companies to sell simple cloud like DigitalOcean, through a user-friendly interface , it has a built-in billing system to accept payments and a helpdesk to provide support to your customers. Sadeem was designed around both customers and service providers needs, it provides the customer with an easy to use self-service portal, loaded with great features like Firewall, DNS management, Private networking, Float IPs , backups and all the great features the customer need to operate his cloud instance. On the other hand, it provides the Service providers with a great eco-system to operate the hosting service like integrated billing system to charge his customers and offer them discount coupons, a helpdesk to provide support to them and pre-mad OS templates. It can also be used by developers and software companies to manage their private cloud to focus on their software rather than managing the cloud environment. Sadeem uses KVM as its virtualization layer and the revolutionary storage system ZFS as it's storage system to provide a fast VM deployments in less than 30 seconds.
Organization founded in Saudi Arabia · United States. Since October/2014. STARTUP phase.




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