Fun innovative solutions combining Augmented Reality and simulation, to enhance vocational training and industry productivity worldwide

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Seabery is a privately held technology company headquartered in Huelva, with representatives in Germany, USA, Brasil and Chile and almost 40 distributors in 30 countries, delivering an Educational Resources Management Platform (ERMP) called Augmented Training: Pioneer technology solution combining 4D Augmented Reality, real time advanced immersive simulation, e-learning, teacher management and monitoring software and apps for smart phones to enhance educational experiences and training results for institutions and industries worldwide. Our Augmented Training Technology has received the Auggie Award to the Best Augmented Reality Technology Solution for Enterprise at the Augmented World Expo AWE2014 , May 2014 in Silicon Valley. Augmented Training Technology has also won the Most Innovative Product for Education by Worlddidac, June 2014 in Bern. We have received as well the Most Visited Booth and Most Promising Technology Award at Weldindia and The Most Innovative Technology at HungExpo in Hungary. Today there is a big and increasing skills gap for qualified professionals both in emerging countries and advanced economies like USA, which is becoming a huge problem local industry competitiveness. Plenty of professional qualifications like welding, depends on the practical training effective time. When this skills training is difficult to arrange, dangerous, expensive, unhealthy and environmentally harmful, our Augmented Training Technology helps a lot to attract young people, optimize the training resources and prepare students before they face the real practice scenario at workshops. Our mission is create innovative educational game based experiences, letting youth play, learn, grow, lighting human talent potential for better results. We can help educational institutions attract more young people including women, to industry careers from early ages, and train them safely, locally, more efficiently, increasing their employability and the industry competitiveness. We design, develop, manufacture and sell both our hardware and software. SOLDAMATIC for Welding training is the first commercial application of our Augmented Training Technology. We decided to start in welding because it is very cross to many industries (Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Automotive, Energy, Aeronautics, Naval, Mining, etc.) and there is a huge skilled welder shortage almost in any country in the world, from emerging economies to USA, where more than 300.000 new welders will be required till 2020. The next application of Seabery’s augmented training technology will focus on the medical training sector, where it plans to improve virtual reality solutions providing comprehensive and more advanced technologies at better prices. We are also working to extend the application of its skills Augmented Training platform to the industrial and healthcare live arena. In welding for example, welders on the field, will receive real time performance scoring information and aids that may lead to increase their productivity and quality, reducing time, risks and costs, using a headset and the software running in the smartphone inside his pocket. All the workforce performance data will be send to Operation Manager to enhance decision making process and optimize results. We have several patents on our Augmented Reality simulation technology.

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