a platform for organizing collective purchases that lets customers buy any product in retail for a wholesale price without mediators.


We are a platform where manufacturers put forward wholesale lots and buyers pay cash in advance to buy goods in retail for wholesale prices. Not only we help to save customer's money by reducing the distance between a manufacturer and its consumer, but also solve a worldwide problem of overproduction. We also invite manufacturers to market their new goods via our platform to see buyers’ cash-backed feedback before the actual production. The first group of our customers represents thrifty clients with average and below average incomes, as well as small merchants, offline and online shops that in order to save are willing to wait until the purchase accumulates. Our second group embodies people interested in novelties and eager to buy a product that is not available on the market yet (mainly young people aged 18-34). The main users of collective purchasing are mothers, 20-45 years old, with average and below average incomes. As for collective international purchases, our clients are young people and students aged 18-25. The service is also expected to be used by small entrepreneurs such as market sellers and small online stores. Why does it work for manufacturers? New sales channel; new clients; no fees or time-consuming efforts; excellent opportunity to plan production more efficiently; unique chance to test new products (a lot better than focus groups); cash from buyers in advance. Why does it work for buyers? Huge (or full) range of products; wholesale prices; money-back guarantee. Why does it work for us? We don’t need a storage; we don’t have unsold goods; we will always have a “money pool”; we use two powerful tools in our business model: economies of networking and economies of scale that will allow us to quadruple our cash flow with growth.


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