Sheetgo enables users to establish a live connection from any Google Sheet, Excel file and CSV file to your Google Sheets.

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Do you and your team use spreadsheets? The answer is likely yes because with 1 billion users, spreadsheets are the world’s most widely used business software and a incredibly rich collaborative source of data for companies of all sizes. Do you have problems with data integrity or figuring out solutions to manage your spreadsheet data? You’re not alone. Spreadsheets are considered the most dangerous software in the planet according to Fortune magazine, as it doesn’t have integrity controls, and given the thousands and millions of sheets in companies, presents a systemic risk. Sheetgo is an incredibly easy to use layer for spreadsheets that empowers individual users or entire organizations to create governable intelligent data-driven systems by optimizing their use of spreadsheets, improving data governance, and reducing data risk. Sheetgo allows users to connect and automize data transfer between spreadsheets (including xls and csv files in Google Drive), provides a dashboard to visualize all spreadsheets and their connections contextually, diagnoses obsolete and redundant spreadsheets, and much more. That changes this paradigm. Sheetgo’s founding team has been building spreadsheet based management solutions since 2009 and was recognized by Google as creating the first Google Sheets based ERP in 2010. They are joined by an amazing international team that on a daily basis solves all manner of spreadsheet based process, logic and business challenges for hundreds of clients, large and small. Sheetgo began full time operations early 2016 and although its client base is mostly in USA and another 40 countries.

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