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I am one of the founding directors of the Latvian company SIA Elan Vital. Our team are entrepreneurs with international experience which includes nationals of Latvia, USA, Canada and Israel. Our company that was created to pursue the business of distribution in the EU and other regions in the world of innovative and scientifically proven dietary and cosmetics products which aim not only to increase the average life expectancy rate by a few percent, but also to decrease from 3 to 5 times the risk of cancer, cardio­vascular diseases and other degenerative conditions due to ageing and stress. We have reached an agreement with the manufacturer to open representative offices on the basis of already existing and functioning network of distributors in Europe. In fact, the absorption of scattered dealers retaining their customer base. We are inviting partners for investing into growth of existing distribution network of innovative therapeutic peptides preparations in the EU. Our proposal on participation in distribution campaign is as follows: - We are looking for one-time investment to provide for products registration with the EU Food Authorities and support of monthly bulk purchase of peptide products directly from the manufacturer. Estimated amount of required funding is 150 thousand Euros. - We will provide ROI of 12-15%.

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