Easy to use, scalable, interactive predictive analytics for bigdata.

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Get to your a-ha moment in seconds! Simularity’s mission is to bring the power of predictive analytics to the masses. Our software helps people create intuitive, explainable predictive analyses without writing any code, needing to know what algorithms to use, or requiring expert knowledge in statistics. The more information you have to base your analysis on, the more accurate your predictions, so we seamlessly enrich and combine data from nearly any data source, including unstructured data, time series data, and geo-spatial data. By ingesting and indexing data at up to a million data points per second, and responding to analysis queries in just milliseconds, we provide the ability to do interactive model building, analysis, and scoring on streaming data combined with historical data. Simularity’s Predictive Archetypes™ give decision makers self-service, easy-to-understand predictive visualizations and analyses so that they can find and see the patterns that will help them dramatically transform their world. The heart of our technology is our analytics back-end, our High Performance Correlation Engine and our Dynamic Classifier. They are purpose-built for predictive analytics, and so are extremely fast, efficient, compact, parallelized, and optimized for clusters of multi-core commodity servers. Our analytics back-end has a RESTful API, which makes it easy to build custom apps, monitoring and alerting tools, real time scoring, and to include predictive analytics in web applications, dashboards, and work flows. Simularity also develops web-based vertical-specific solutions for healthcare, retail, telecom, preventive maintenance, systems operations, and other IoT applications based on our analytics back end

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