“Imagine a unique platform, combining the two most visited websites, Facebook and YouTube, associated with Shazam



We create a proprietary technology of sound recognition making our contents interactive. And all of this to fill out three of the main goals for online brands. The first, growing reach. Imagine a Chanel TV fiction where your consumer is able to get a closer look at your collections, products, ambassadors, and upcoming events in realtime from any device. A unique way to be seen by Millennials, raising their awareness online through the creation of interactive videos engaging 4 times more than regular contents and tailored for each brand helping its DNA to live on onto multiple devices. 
The second, engage with the audience. Imagine a social network as interactive as your videos, where sharing becomes intuitive and your visibility amongst users is increased. A visual depiction of today’s consumers through a Book of Faces, and amongst their favourite brands, for which 86% admit to like on social networks so as to show their support. An interactive and simpler way to share all around the world.



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