Path breaking platform allowing business analyst, domain experts to design business applications over the internet without writing code.

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First of its kind,Smartlattice fundamentally revolutionizes the way enterprise solutions are developed. 3C’s of Advantages: With compared to any traditional development tool, SmartLattice gives customer unparalleled advantage. • Code-Free Development: Simply define your Entities (data tables/forms), configure Business Rules and drive complex analytics using Charts and Reports. • Cost and Speed of Software Development: It’s almost 1:15 of resources needed, when compared with other traditional development tools. • Cost Effective Maintenance: Easy and Inexpensive to maintain with almost minimum resource being taken care of support and maintenance. SmartLattice Differentiator: Two Critical points that determines success. 1. Every business is unique in its own way and to match its processes requires extensive and expensive customization 2. Reluctance of users usage Solution to Problem #1: The Need for continuous customization. New administrators, new thinking and new requirements have always led to modifications with a continuous cycle of change. "SmartLattice with its advanced Code Free Development Platform gives both customers and our teams to continuously evolve on the process and deliver best possible usages." Solution to Problem #2: Limited Usage. Most Applications are difficult to learn and configure, many users are reluctant to use them. SmartLattice is based on concept of Simple User Interfaces and So easy that anyone with a basic knowledge of computers should be able to use it within 10 minutes. "Rich UI with Excel Grids and Filtered Views provides users Usage flexibility and Business with complete control on sharing data."

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