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Social&Loyal es una solución de fidelización integrada en redes sociales. Permite recompensar la compra repetitiva ...

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Social&Loyal is a SaaS based omnichannel loyalty platform that allows companies to attract, engage and retain consumers. Our technology allows marketers to create and manage a new generation of loyalty programs in which consumers are rewarded for any action they take that generates value to the company (purchase on/off line, conduct surveys, invite friends, answer quiz games, follow the company on different social networks, give contact information, etc). All done in a gamified way to enhance engagement to unexpected levels. Our interactive loyalty programs promote daily interaction so that the brands will be constantly in the top of mind of their consumers to motivate purchases. Rewarding consumers for every purchase also motivates purchase repetition rates. Our especially designed games also help companies to educate consumers, promote their products and viralize content through social networks. Finally, for every interaction, the platform gathers relevant information about consumers in order to help companies to personalize marketing efforts.

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Fundacion Spain, January/2011
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  • Early/Startup 08/2013
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