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Every day hotel bookers are "forced" to accept booking systems that tell them there's no availability for the hotel, the dates or the room they really want, or no decent price deals for the rooms they want. Splitty puts consumers in control ! Also, hoteliers and online travel agencies are being severely hit by cheaper non-hotel alternatives (i.e. AirBnB) that are stealing business away. Splitty is the world's first online hotel booking platform that lets people take advantage of amazing deals only available by splitting reservations into smaller units to form new room packages: Splitty's "Split & match engine" provides 2 consecutive reservations (with the same room type or different room types ) to accommodate your entire stay at your desired hotel. By that, Splitty offers cheaper deals than the biggest travel agencies (i.e.Booking.com/Expedia) and also provides new hotel availability for "impossible" dates.

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