SPORSONIK Sports Nutrition is based in Istanbul, Turkey.


SPORSONIK Sport Nutrition was founded in September 2011 in Florya, İstanbul, Turkey and started providing a better service in the sector with a higher sense of quality and a IFBB PROPTA certificated team. With its sport portal website including Training and Nutrition tips and product reviews www.sporsonik.com and e-commerce website www.storesonik.com, we merged services and commerce. In 2013, SPORSONIK was granted the distributorship of the American based, “0” calorie ”0” sugar ”0” fat ”0” carb Walden Farms Dips and syrups for Turkey. With these specs, we could say that the Walden Farms brand is not only distinguished in Turkey, but is one of a kind in all over the World. Turkish Sports Nutrition sector has been growing rapidly in the past 10 years with the economical developments and the high young population rate. The demand is getting higher and higher each day, but on the other hand the supply could not be administrated well. The new customs regulation of 2010 which prohibits ordering goods to Turkey from abroad, such as bodybuilding.com or netrition.com triggered the process.


Fundacion Turkey, September/2011
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