Unleash the power of word-of-mouth in your e-commerce. With Squeezol payment method your customers become advertisers while they buy.

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Squeezol is born to promote and shake up people's social interactions, turning online purchases from individual actions to collective experiences. The core business is the development of high technological value social payment solutions for e-commerce platforms. Squeezol Split is the innovative marketing tool that turns your e-commerce users into promoters of your products and your brand. Instead of paying the entire shopping cart amount on his own, the buyer invites his friends to chip in. The result is a natural word-of-mouth effect, still one of the most effective way of promoting. Thanks to Api Rest and CMS plugins Squeezol can easily be integrated as a payment method along with the ones already available in your e-commerce platform. The strong technological effort allows the entire purchase split to be performed by the buyer without ever leaving your website. E-commerce platforms can thus offer the most natural, entertaining and smooth social shopping experience ever to their customers. Full integration in every e-commerce platform through Api is Squeezol's most valuable competitive advantage. Users can finally rely upon a straightforward and effective tool to chip in online and are freed from the nightmare of paying in advance once and for all. This benefit leads to more recurring purchases with higher average spendings for e-commerce website. Squeezol also offers squeezol.com platform, where everyone can choose the amount to raise, invite friends to chip in online and receive their shares on his PayPal account. The amount collected can be spent online in e-commerce that accept PayPal as well as transferred into bank account. The administrator, that is the one who receives funds, is the only one who must have a PayPal account. Invited friends can contribute either with credit card or with their PayPal account. Squeezol technology is modular and adaptable, it precisely suits many environments and business models. Contact us if you own an e-commerce or a web agency which develops or manages them.

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Fundacion Italy, August/2013
Estado Startup

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