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Collect your money automatically for the recurrent bills you share with your roommates or friends (electricity, water, Netflix, Spotify...)

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Suscrip app automates the collection of money from your roomates or friends for services that you share with them. It wires the money straight to your bank account so that you never have to ask your roomates or friends to pay you. Suscrip has to be set up for the first payment, and after that, it will never forget to charge every month. To set it up you have to create a group like in whatsapp, then you select the service from a predefined list or you define it yourself, and assign the service to the group. Users have to accept membership to the group and to the service, after that, you are all done! We will take care of it every month. How does it work? We read the bank statement where the services are charged so you don't have to tell us the amount (every month the amount may vary). After we read the amount, we split it within the number of people in the group. After that, we charge the credit cards of your friends. Money is consolidated in Suscrip's bank account and you receive a single transfer with the total amount that is owed minus a fee that we keep for processing payments. Our customers are individuals that share apartments or services (like Netflix), live in Spain, have between 18-35 years of age and prefer cities. Suscrip is special because no other app in the market is able to read bank accounts and credit cards to do this. All other apps require you to manually provide the amounts of the payments and also manually do transfers. We do it all 100% automatically without users having to intervene.

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Fundacion Spain, April/2017
Estado Startup

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