Team technologies is a parent company currently engaged in eCommerce for two verticals Schools and Special Food




Team Technologies is Parent company for our e commerce startups, currently in two verticals, Schoolcraft for Schools and TindiZ for Special foods.
at Schoolcraft we serve the schools for all their needs and service related problems, as we have witnessed lot of gaps in service and pay huge price of the products they buy on regular basis, we at school craft eliminate the middle man and deliver the products to the schools and address and resolve all technical related issues in terms of service and provide consultations in Karnataka as of now and later looking at the opportunity we will  expand to other parts of the country. Target Customers - All Schools 
at TindiZ, we bring the Special delicacies to the door step of the customers who would keep searching for these items but, many a times fail to get an outlet for the same or not at all available, we prepare these items only against the order and deliver fresh to the customer and allow the customer relish Traditional Delicacies which are usually prepared  only on special occasion at some families or houses.
Tindiz is a platform where we encourage house wives and empower the women at the same time without compromise on quality and service. Target Customers - Each and every person loves for a taste and Snacks and Sweets.
Organization founded in null. Since September/2015. 5 employees. STARTUP phase.




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