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SOBRE THEMISA.COM has been serving as an online legal platform since January 2014, is 
now is the world’s fastest growing legal platform operating in 16 countries. simply helps people to find the best lawyers in their location and 
also enables lawyers and law firms to easily connect with clients and other legal 
professionals around the world.

Themisa brings together thousands of lawyers from 16 different countries under the 
same single platform. Today, many lawyers and law firms consider Themisa one of 
the most effective online channels with regard to their online visibility and marketing.

Also with hundreds of legal articles, questions & answers, videos and jobs posts 
on, we provide a 360-degree online platform to the legal community.

Each single day, our team puts a great effort to carefully review all lawyer profiles, 
legal articles and other contents to serve better to our millions of visitors coming from 
all around the world.

Creating your legal profile, publishing an article, asking or answering a legal question 
in are completely free and ready for every lawyers and law firms’ 

In Themisa platform, thousands of professional lawyers who were mastered at 
related legal disciplines, publish their articles, answer legal questions and interact 
with their clients and other legal professionals. 

As Themisa team, our first priority is the creating and developing value for the legal 
community. In this regard, our first task is to enable all legal professionals around the 
world to adopt the requirements of today’s online world.

We are very enthusiastic to contribute the online transformation of the legal market in 
around the world, from Brazil to Japan, Sweden to Turkey, India to Poland., the world’s fastest legal platform, is calling for new legal professionals 
and law firms to join the digital revolution in the legal market which has been 




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