Global distribution system for event market




Tickets Cloud mission is to create an ecosystem that allows market participants to interact as efficiently as possible, create conditions for healthy competition and help develop new efficient communication channels with buyers to increase ticket sales.

The key benefit for professional market participants is the infrastructure being built around the product and accompanying services. This infrastructure has the potential to completely change the rules of the game that have become obsolete, to make the ticketing market transparent and to lower the cost of entering the market for new players.

Tickets Cloud is easy to use and benefits ticket buyers by means of lower ticket prices that have become possible owing to the intermediary fee reduction. An advanced cloud service with a user friendly GUI enables the audience the buy, exchange, return tickets, being sure of the ticket authenticity and see the whole ticket inventory on offer by any seller.

The key benefit for investors is an advanced SAAS-product with a constantly growing market share. New infrastructure being built around the product is a game changer reshuffling the industry roles and enabling the companies to create new opportunities and niches where it becomes a leader. Efficient business processes built around the product and a highly scalable business model provide fast company value growth and make it extremely attractive for the investors.
Organization founded in Russia. Since April/2014. GROWTH phase.



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