Customized, short-duration and on-demand insurance protection


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Tikkr is a new mobile application providing customized, short-duration and on-demand insurance protection. Tikkr seeks to provide solutions that allow users to purchase insurance when they perceive the greatest need, and has defined a term MOMENT: An experience wherein the individual seeks to purchase a customized insurance solution that will provide coverage to all that they value at the time. The user will have the flexibility to purchase either a defined bundle for a set of moments or to build their product from the ground up. In both instances, the user can customize every aspect of their moment including items covered, sum insured and duration of coverage. All moments insured are saved to enable the user to seamlessly repurchase / customize moments in the future. E.g.: Daily commute Moment: User purchasing this moment would want to protect themselves in the event of an accident and protect key possessions (e.g. phone, laptop, headphones). The traditional insurance model would require the user to purchase 4 products to obtain coverage, however Upper will offer these as a bundled offering and allow the user customize their insurance by selected duration, products covered and sum insured (validated through external sources) Cost: The highly customizable, short duration nature of Upper’s product offering results in a highly cost-effective insurance solution for the end-user. e.g. Daily workout moment costs 20 c/h, daily commute moment cost 10 c/h, Chance flight moment cost EUR 2/h

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