Leisure and theme parks online ticketing. Your tickets in just one minute



Leisure and theme parks online ticketing. Your tickets in just one minute

tixalia is a website specialized in the sale of leisure products and the main attibute of our providers is that they do not require a sit number to access, making integration much easier for them and for us.

Currently tixalia is the Spanish website with more destinations than other competitor, and we offer our tickets to final customers and travel agencies.

We DO NOT charge any fee to our customers, as we get a sales commission from our providers, and they are also able to avoid queues because they go to special tickets offices.

We share our commission with travel agencies and they really appreciate to have all that destinations in just one site.

tixalia platform is already offering product in Spanish, French and English, being Portuguese planned, as we have already signed agreements with international theme parks groups to sell worldwide in 2015

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Organization founded in Spain.


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