Local experts customize your trip for 5€/day




Need: tripUniq solves the "what to do in destination" problem. Nowadays looking for accommodation and flights is simple but planning the stay is long and difficult.
Solution: We put in contact the traveler with a local expert that will plan travelers stay and deliver a customized guide of his stay. The guide is delivered through an offline app containing maps with daily itineraries, city information and insider tips.
More than a P2P marketplace: we add value in the local-traveler win-win. Our guide editor software allows locals to scale their work for future orders and we allow the traveler to enjoy the plan through a geolocalized app without roaming costs.
We're different: The existing alternatives that travelers have nowadays only provide them information (tripadvisor, lonely planet, time out, google, travel apps,..). However, travelers still have to plan it on their own. tripUniq is the only one solving the traveler need from start to end.
Organization founded in Spain. Since August/2015. STARTUP phase.


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