TroopTravel inspires, optimizes and coordinates multi-origin group travel! Just enter the starting locations of your group and come together

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TroopTravel inspires groups of friends or colleagues which are spread over different locations to travel to a common location. The TroopTravel Algorithm analyses the starting locations of the group and recommends locations to meet. It compares up to 30 locations for your multi-origin group. TroopTravel optimizes travel for a group where its group members start traveling from different locations. Imagine, you are based in New York and you want to meet up with your friends from university. One of them is now based in Sao Paulo, another one in Frankfurt and a third one in Singapore. TroopTravel will allow you to easily plan and book a trip for your group coming from different locations. You will be amazed how much time you can save in organizing your group travel with TroopTravel. And if you want to save some money on your travel, just play around with different meeting locations and you can realize up to 70% of cost savings for your overall group travel. TroopTravel coordinates group travel. Invite and book your group travel members’ travel from one platform. The TroopTravel’s results page offers you to book all individual flights from one location. TroopTravel has partnered with leading references in the travel industry, to give you security of booking with companies you know. We list great deals on air travel from both low-cost and major air carriers and compare fastest, cheapest and the ideal combination of time and money for you (the TroopTravel Pick). TroopTravel is completely free, without extra charges or hidden fees, so best price is always guaranteed. Let us help you in bringing your group together so that you can spend more quality time with them. Share your experience and comments with us. They will help us to improve our service continuously!

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