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Innercell stores and retrieves digital information encoded within the material construction of the products people buy and use every day.


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What problem does Innercell solve? Information unique to a specific item should be embedded within that item forever! -- Have you ever lost an instruction manual or warranty card? Have you ever had questions about the authenticity of a product you suspect may be counterfeit? Via NFC, Innercell's patented technology stores this information within the material construction of the product itself, giving you access to the information you want at precisely the moment you need to have it. Under the name Innercell, Twych has developed a secure and stable, end to end platform to facilitate brand to consumer interactions. Early stage customers have begun testing Innercell's manufacturing and production software, analytic tools, marketing dashboard and retail visuals. With its first round of funding, Twych has successfully developed and patented a marketable b2b and b2c product, forged anti-counterfeiting partnerships and media/entertainment alliances with several of the world's largest and most respected brands and has established a marketing footprint competitors will find difficult to match. Want to know more? Want to get involved? Innercell is open for business. Let's talk!

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Fundacion United States, January/2015
Trabajadores 6
Estado Startup

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