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Everyone in the world is carrying around a camera, a GPS and a text-messaging system all in a single device, a smartphone. So why is it that you can’t reach out and ask them a quick question? uCiC (you see I see) is an app that allows you to select any area in the world and reach out to users, whether you know them or not, to complete an photo request for you. For example, you would like to go grab a coffee but you don’t know if there’s a long line-up at the corner Starbucks. You can send a request out to the Starbucks and ask someone in the shop to take a quick picture of the line-up. Lost your dog? Send out a photo request to the neighborhood. Want to know if surf’s up? Ask someone at the beach. Trying to decide which club you should go to tonight? Why don’t you get a real-time photo of the scene at three different clubs, and pick the best one. Want to see the sunset in Paris real-time? Ask someone local for a quick video.

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Fundacion Canada, January/2014
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