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Velvenoir is an online platform, representing emerging and established artists from everywhere around the world as well as carefully selected international high end Interior Designers. Velvenoir aims to work closely with our partners together, to integrate the art within various extraordinary spaces for you. A curated portfolio of art awaits you when browsing through Velvenoir – Artists. You can discover international high end interior designer and their unique and sophisticated portfolio of accomplished projects – this allows you to find the perfect fit to work with you together on your project. Our team is committed in providing excellent customer service, background knowledge about our art and interior designers in order to establish a solid relationship with you. We don’t treat art as a product, for us is a cultural asset that has to be carefully collected and integrated within an estate – even with the help of an selected interior designer who understands your perspective. Art for sophisticated spaces requires more than just good taste and interesting objects or works of art. It’s about the conceptual approach to allow your space to breath a well-conceived and fully thought-through art concept that aims to enchants your life in every way possible. We are connected to an unparalleled network of international artists and interior designers working with various conceivable mediums and scale.Due to our close partnerships, we are happy to offer you a platform that constantly grows on international artists as well as high end interior designers who appreciates the importance of art and design A broad international art portfolio awaits you while browsing through Velvenoir – international, original, exclusive selected and curated portfolio can be discovered, so you find the artwork you love for your home.

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