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Vestabyte Pty Ltd is an Australian based company founded in 2016.  Vestabyte is an investment platform open to all investor types.

The Vestabyte team has a broad range of experience ranging from finance, information technology, marketing and customer relations. Our cloud-based investment platform facilitates all types of investors (The Crowd) to participate in investment opportunities often only available to wholesale, sophisticated and professional investors. With the advent of Vestabyte, Retail investors can also participate.

Australia has stringent financial and corporate legislation, which provides protection for investors. We are a Corporate Authorised Representative of Australian Financial Services Licensee, which permits us to deal in financial products.

Customer service is an integral part of any commercial enterprise and we take this very seriously. Consequently, we strive to make ourselves available for customers via phone, chat and e-mail. We have adopted a people-centric model to customer service and are continually adapting to meet their needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read our statement to potential investors, entrepreneurs and property developers. We look forward to your participation in this revolutionary investment platform.
Organization founded in Australia. Since May/2016. STARTUP phase.


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