VLPbio is a biotechnological company applying immunotherapeutic solutions to fight cancer and infectious diseases

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VLPbio is a pioneer biotechnology company focused on research and development of chimeric virus like particles (VLP's) as vaccines for human health Vaccines have historically been among the first “wonder drugs” to radically transform human health and longevity. Many infectious diseases, once the greatest threat to public health and the leading cause of death, have been reduced or even eradicated due to advances in vaccine development, improved sanitation and antibiotics. Despite the significant progress made in the vaccine industry to date, two challenges remain: to produce vaccines against unmet or emerging targets, and to produce improved vaccines that are more effective than currently available products. VLPbio has developed proprietary technologies that address both of these challenges. VLPbio focuses on virus-like particle (VLP) vaccines that mimic viruses but lack the ability to reproduce or cause infectious complications. VLP-based vaccines have had a tremendous impact on both human health and the industry itself, as evidenced by medical and commercial success in the human papillomavirus and Hepatitis B fields. VLPbio core technologies are contributing to the development of vaccine products.

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