Mobile social network to organise and participate in leisure activities based on proximity, quality content and profile trustworthiness.




Wannaplan is an Instagram-like app for meetups.

Wannaplan is a social network of individuals looking for and offering all sort of activities to be carried out accompanied. It helps you to make the most of your spare time with your friends or with other users with whom you share a mutual interest. 

The leisure of a city is mapped out by its citizens who freely organise themselves to do activities with other peers. 

In Wannaplan flock in all sorts of people willing to do something with someone, whatever you can imagine. As long as you have a smartphone you can use this app.

What it's special about Wannaplan is that it is a community that regulates itself. People suggest and people accept to participate. The trigger is the people, not the brands.
Organization founded in Spain. Since September/2013. 3 employees. PUBLIC phase.



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