Connect vehicles to the Internet simply and professionally through mugiCloud box, offering new value services through mugiCloud platform




Founded at the end of 2012, StartUp specialised in the design, manufacturing and marketing of electronic devices designed to connect vehicles to the Internet, together with a cloud applications platform. This solution is initially directed at the passenger transport company segment (buses, coaches, taxis and car sharing) and is an excellent investment opportunity.

In 2014, in keeping with their commitment to innovation and sustainable growth, the founding partners decided to bring a financial and/or industrial partner into their shareholders, to enable the Company to undertake an ambitious Growth Plan for the period 2015-2021, directed at positioning the company, in the third year, at an EBITDA of 362k Euro and with a profit of 225k Euro, reaching an annual turnover of more than 33.28 million Euro by the financial year of 2021, with an EBITDA of more than 11 million Euro.

To date, the company is completing the prototype stage in order to launch the first marketable version of the product in 2016. The first stage is directed at the Spanish market whilst this will be followed by an internationalisation stage from 2019 onwards. By then, the company will be in a position to offer a varied marketplace of applications that are of great value to passenger transport companies and to vehicles in general. With this aim in mind, the Company is developing products based on internet and communication technologies in order to improve key aspects of its customers' businesses, in the area of marketing, efficiency, safety and connectivity.

The company offers a solution with proprietary technology at a highly competitive price, compared to direct competition, which also serves as a starting point for the development of a more extensive range of cloud applications for the professional connected car segment, a rapidly expanding market with high growth prospects over the next few years.

Our value proposal is: 

To connect  vehicles to the Internet simply and professionally through mugiCloud box , offering new added value services for transport companies through the mugiCloud platform.
Organization founded in Spain. Since May/2012. SEED phase.


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