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IMBee Corporate is a chat application aimed at businesses but also at individuals. It works for small to medium-sized teams, who can create a joint account and can then talk with each other, send direct messages, and create private groups. A company and/or a team can be up-and-running in a matter of seconds, the apps for mobile are stable and well designed, and the web interface is full-featured that users who can’t install software – typical in many businesses – can still use the service. Everything shared is automatically synchronized in all the platforms A company can, also, create broadcasting interactive channel with its customers being able to segment and address each segment with different offers, services and messages. And thirdly IMBee marketplace is aimed to take advantage of the thousand of free users of IMBee to allow companies share, offer and communicate in a bidirectional way with them.

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Fundacion Spain, June/2013
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Estado Startup

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