ZeClinics is a CRO biotech that offers an outsourcing solution for safety and efficacy screenings of novel chemical substances

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ZeClinics is a Biotech Contract Research Organization (CRO) and early-phase biopharmaceutical (PHARMA) company using zebrafish for high-throughput safety and efficacy screenings of novel chemical molecules, with pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical, cosmetic or nutritional potential. Granted with the maximum non-dilutive public funding opportunity for SMEs in Europe (SME Instrument Phase 2 category "Supporting Innovative SMEs in the healthcare biotechnology sector"​ with €1.87M) and several other private and public funding, ZeClinics offers advanced drug discovery assays, combining automated technologies, unique softwares of analysis and deep knowledge of zebrafish biology. We aim at challenging the traditional drug discovery pipeline by offering a cheap, fast and reliable array of customized assays, to assess the safety and biomedical relevance of novel molecules using zebrafish. Zebrafish is a vertebrate whose genome is completely sequenced. It shares a similar physiology to humans, including many equivalent organs and it offers a growing battery of genetic tools, which combined with organism’s transparency, permits the tracing of cells and easy genetic manipulation. These characteristics help ensure that information acquired through zebrafish is more accurate and informative than that obtained by in-vitro assays, and thus easier to extrapolate to human biology. With more than 50 clients from 10 different countries worldwide, spanning from small biotech up to pharma leaders/large academic centers, and a highly-qualified team, we guarantee that your experience with zebrafish will become a one-way route of INNOVATION!!!

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Fundacion Spain, August/2013
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