Dat Venture


Accelerator program connecting Spain's entrepreneurial talent with startup resources in the US

Sobre Dat Venture

Expanding into the US market is a critical step for international entrepreneurs to take in order to gain confidence in a mature innovation ecosystem and raise capital from investors. However, they usually lack the monetary resources, the know-how overseas, and the framework to make the jump. Dat Venture's vision is to be the gateway for international startups to enter the United States via Boston, while helping generate an economic and cultural impact in their countries of origin.

Datos Dat Venture


Estrategia de la acceleradora

  • Looking for: SEED/EARLY/GROWTH
  • Program fee: USD 10.000
  • Equity taken: NO
  • Program duration: 3 months
  • Mentors: YES
  • Training: YES
  • Team required: NO
  • Housing: YES
  • Flights: YES