EHumanlife es una plataforma de E-health para poner en contacto a pacientes con médicos, al objeto de que éstos últimos emitan una segunda o


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Why ehumanlife: Doctors are always available. And the best specialists worldwide are caring for you. Avoid waiting times: You can call a doctor right now. You decide the shedule time. There is no longer need to wait days, weeks or even months. Ask health questions from the comfort of your home: You only need a computer or a mobile device to visit your doctor. ehumanlife can be used on an Android device and on most conventional and current computer internet browsers. Consult a doctor for medical advice: Get medical advice from licensed physicians through a HD video conference. You can choose to call anonymously. Physicians on ehumanlife provide their insights to enhance patients' quality of life. Absolute privacy: Your information is confidential and is just between you and your doctor. ehumanlife uses the most advanced technology to guarantee the absolute privacy between doctors and patients.

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