Investment Process

Startupxplore Investment Process

Investment criteria

1 We offer you the best dealflow*

Thanks to the years that Startupxplore and its team have been working within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we have access to great investment opportunities. We only publish companies that come from top-rate sources: the dealflow* of reference investors, private access to investor networks with which we have signed agreements, and even opportunities from Startupxplore's own partners. These investments, under other conditions, are difficult to discover, as they are often closed before they are made public.

We want the Startupxplore brand to be a guarantee of quality and that's why we offer our investors opportunities that only a few can access.

Dealflow: the flow of investment proposals that arrive to an investor to analyze. If you want to get great returns, both amount and quality of them are critical.

2 We apply objective filtering criteria

The investment opportunities that arrive at Startupxplore are analyzed based on a set of objective criteria that aim to discard investments with a high level of short-term risk. These criteria have been devised, defined and agreed upon with many of the best business angels and venture capital funds, and have been designed to try to reduce the risks derived from the possible appearance of negative scenarios for companies, both at business, regulatory, financial level, etc.

We consider that it is practically impossible to detect in advance which companies will succeed, but it is feasible to identify risk factors that can cause a company to fail early.

We firmly believe that an investment platform inhigh-growth companies should not only act as a mere marketplace between investors and project promoters, but should provide clear added value to both.

Find out about our investment criteria.

3 We evaluate opportunity

Once we have filtered the high-potential companies that meet our criteria, we request numerous documentation and additional information from the company in order to assess and anticipate possible risks not contemplated in the previous phase.

Our analysis committee conducts an evaluation of the potential and business perspectives of the company, focusing especially on whether the markets in which they operate are capable of sustaining long-term growth potential. We like to call it our "positive analysis".

As a result of this process, we prioritize the operations to be launched, based on the company's appreciation potential in a positive scenario.

4 We carry out a comprehensive analysis

Once the company has been accepted and before being released, it must undergo a thorough evaluation. This implies checking all the metrics that will be presented and verifying the main technological, financial and product indicators.

The aim of this step is to verify as much as possible that the information provided is truthful, in order to maximize the quantity and quality of information that the user of Startupxplore needs to value his investment.

5 We help with documentation

We believe it is essential to offer the greatest transparency during the investment process. That's why we assist the company to better explain its business, including all the metrics and documentation an investor needs to analyze the opportunity. During this process, we also work with the company to develop videos and other formats that facilitate the explanation of its business model, always being the information, data and contents responsibility of the company.

6 We launch the investment opportunity

We publish the investment operation at our website, where any investor can invest in the project and co-invest under the same conditions and valuation as the reference investor. The investor can solve any doubt by contacting Startupxplore, and even arrange an appointment with the CEO of the company.

7 After the investment

Once the investment operation has been successfully completed, the most important step is to report periodically to the investor on the status of their investment, and to help as far as possible to ensure that the invested company is successful. To this effect, Startupxplore supports the participated company by backing it in the preparation of future rounds and in the search for partners, contacts with customers, suppliers, etc.

In addition, information on the metrics, operations and prospects of the companies in which they have invested is sent periodically to investors, and through their internal control panel we offer them a consolidated view of the portfolio, thus facilitating contact with their invested companies.