Creating a startup and finding investments to make it grow should be an easy, simple and intelligent process. Does this happen in real life? Absolutely no.

The reality is that only a few startups and investors know the ropes and how to play this game, while there's a wide majority who still have to struggle and have to dedicate a lot of time (and time is money) to learn how to deal with investments, on a trial and error basis. Others don't even dare to take a first step, and never try.

This means that lots of opportunities are missing, and that sucks!

That’s the problem we want to solve on Startupxplore. We want to help startups to get funded by bringing transparency to the ecosystem, and we want the process of finding investments to be easy, simple and intelligent.

Bye bye opacity. Hello transparency.

Startupxplore is currently funded by IVACE.

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