Invest in startups

We only offer you first class opportunities. Invest in companies that have already validated their product and business model in the market and are in stages prior to consolidation.

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In 4 steps,
how does syndicated investment work?



Access to the best dealflow on the market. We only select companies that exceed our criteria and obtain the approval of an Analytical Committee.

Selected companies publish their investment opportunity where a reference investor has already confirmed its participation.



Read the partners' agreement and legal, financial and product information on companies.

Understand their business model, evaluates their metrics and know the reasons for the reference investor to invest.

You can also forward your questions to the company.



Invest under the same conditions as the reference investor and confirm your investment through the Letter of commitments. The committed capital will be transferred to the company's escrow account.

The company will not dispose of the funds until the deed will be registered in the Mercantile Registry.


Keep track

As an investment partner, you will receive periodic reports with the main metrics and financial magnitudes of your investees. You can also view the history and overall return on your investments from a dashboard.

Check your investment portfolio comfortably!

"Build a balanced portfolio of invesments in high quality companies must be accesible to everyone"

Javier Megias CEO Startupxplore

Key advantages of Startupxplore


  • Access to the best dealflow in the market
  • Learn how to invest in emerging companies
  • Avoid long bureaucratic processes
  • Invest with a minimum ticket
  • Be part of a transparent negotiation
  • Track your investments


  • Complete your investment in record time
  • Reach higher media exposure
  • Enrich your network of contacts
  • Get an orderly shareholding
  • Easily manage your investors
  • Receive accompaniment after the investment

Investing in startups and early stage companies has associated risks, among others: illiquidity risk, information risk, risk to loose all or part of your money, environment changing, regulatory and legal risks, minority investment risks, risk to not influence over company management. Due to the high uncertainty of this type of investment, investment should only be contemplated if these risks are understood and always as part of a diversified portfolio.

Click here to read the "basic customer information" before investing in syndicated co-investment operations.

Startupxplore works with prestigious investors and applies a strict policy for the management of conflicts of interest, in this way we try to ensure that the published projects have a solid basis but, in no way, Startupxplore may be responsible for the investment decisions that the members of its platform take, as well as for the opinions and comments that the companies publish.