Social Nest


Socialnest is Spain’s pioneering incubator for social enterprises

Sobre Social Nest

Social Nest is Spain’s pioneering incubator for social enterprises and is headquartered in Valencia, Spain. Founded in 2010, Social Nest has provided an ecosystem of startup financing, professional support services, training and opportunities to people dedicated to contributing to build a better world. Within 5 years and with the help of a board of 50 mentors and various partners and collaborators, Social Nest has supported 34 social entrepreneurs working in 23 projects with social impact in the world.

Estrategia de la acceleradora

  • Looking for SEED/EARLY stage
  • Equity taken: NO
  • Program lasts: we offer different types of programs that last from 3-5 days to programs that last 2-5 months
  • Mentors: YES
  • Training: YES
  • Office space: YES
  • Team required: YES
  • Although we do not currently financially invest in startups, we are proud to offer an ecosystem of support, training, mentorship and contacts to financiers to social enterprises.

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