Diversified business groups investing in international technology and manufacturing sector

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Leading technology conglomerate of eastern Europe investing in technology, construction and manufacturing sector worldwide building global brands, startup ecosystem, hi-tech solutions, products, venture capital funds and manufactures in Ukraine. We select and grow most promising ukrainian and international projects providing strategic development programs: seed & later stage investments, educational, global staffing and marketing services. DWG currently incorporates the following facilities: DWG Ventures - privately-owned and managed investment funds that raise, make and manage direct equity,equity-related investments and assets in global, new, expanding or privatizing emerging market companies, infrastructures and manufactures DWG AeroSpace Engineering - global ukrainian aviation systems and space equipment manufacturer DWG Transportation Systems - global ukrainian brand and manufacturer of locomotives and rolling stock including: electric, high-speed trains, hyperloop technology and urban transport DWG Electronics - global ukrainian technology brand for consumer portable devices, houselhold appliances and enterprise equipment design and production DWG Invention Labs - fully-equipped workspace, testing labs for hardware inventors and global technology manufacturing innovators with access to national plants and world's best qualified scientific technology staff and production sites in Ukraine DWG Architecture & Construction - international design and construction management division for commercial real estate and manufacturing industry DWG Motors - global ukrainian automotive brand, concept design studio and manufacturing facilities for hybrid and electric vehicle production DWG (DeltaWeb) Consulting - international business and project management consultancy

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Fundacion United States · Ukraine, November/2013

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Información adicional:
  • Stage: Seed/Early/Growth
  • Monthly revenue > XXX €
  • At least x% monthly growth on XXX
  • Pre-money valuation < X€
  • >1 founder, team fully commited
  • Avg. ticket: xx K€
  • Investments per year: X
  • Co-investing/Leads round
  • Others:

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